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Aviation industry


Aviation industry

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ARC aviation and spaceflight, overseas chapter

New star for global aviation field—American ARC

  Company profile: ARC, the largest comprehensive service company in western coastline of the United States, is a joint venture by Shengtai Group and an American-based Company. As a newly-rising star in the aviation field, it is casting glory. At present, the company has 5 wholly-owned subsidiaries namely Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies LLC., Airplane Recovery Company, Houston Mechanical Device Company, High-end Aviation Furniture Company and Mays Eyre Accessory Supply Company. It has been success in forging an aviation industrial chain aggregating airplane maintenance, upkeep, overhaul, airplane refitting, sales and check of components, sales and rent of planes, composite materials of airplanes, aviation regeneration, aviation furniture and so forth. The company has over 500 management and senior technical staffs.

  Overseas chapter: Pacific Aerospace Resources & Technologies LLC (PART) is a major subsidiary of ARC.
  The sole aerospace service company aggregating plane maintenance, upkeep, refitting, dismantling and warehousing in western coastline of America, the company is located in South Californian Logistics Airport. It is 50 kilometers from Ontario, California, 110 kilometers from Los Angles and 200 kilometers from Las Vegas, Nevada. The company is an aerospace 145 maintenance company aggregating airplane parking, maintenance repair and refitting and is the largest in western coast of America. The company has various certifications for plane maintenance and upkeep including FAA< EASA, CASA, NCAA, AFRA and so forth. With its own strength and qualification, PAPT is deemed as the only gold maintenance company of Boeing in North America and it is the only company for plane maintenance acquiring qualification conferred by Australian Civil Aviation Bureau.
  In 2013, PART was rated as a golden maintenance company by Boeing. It is the maintenance company for Dream Journey of Boeing 787, one of the 9 companies in the world winning golden maintenance institution for airplanes. As the sole golden maintenance company in North America for Boeing, PART has the following significant advantages when compared with other large-scaled maintenance companies:

(1) Overall qualification

  The company has various certifications for plane maintenance such as FAA (American Federal Aviation Administration), EASA Certification (European Aviation Safety Administration), the only airplane maintenance company with CASA Certification in America (conferred by Australian Civil Aviation Bureau), AFRA certification (airplane recovery society), NCAA certification (Nigeria civil aviation bureau), ANAC certification (Brazilian civil aviation bureau), NACA certification (civil aviation bureau of Argentina), DGCA certification (civil aviation bureau of Mexico) and so forth. 

(2) Its services covers multiple sectors: 

  It provides an integrated aviation industry chain services covering plane storage, maintenance, dismantling accessory and regeneration.

(3) It provides international advanced technologies 

  It has the capacity for engineering technologies covering airplane certificate obtaining and complementing. The world’s most advanced maintenance technologies include composite material repair and refitting of internal decoration.

(4) It has international MRO management experience and a world’s famous team. 

  By far, PAART has accomplished installation of satellite system and refitting of internal decoration for 14 Boeing 787 Dream Passengers Plane. It also the contract to remold an extra number of 40 dream planes. With delivery of Boeing 777 and other plane types in recent times, PAPT has been taking a firm foothold among maintenance suppliers of Boeing. In the meantime, the joint venture’s merger and acquisition of PART realizes its initial monopoly of South California Airport, which holds far-reading strategic significance to its future development. 

  Furthermore, its current contracts and projects also include contract on maintenance of 14 B717 signed with Hawaii Aviation (6 being finished), contract on remolding first-class cabin of 9 B777-200 with Canadian Airplane (5) being finished), contract on C check and re-painting of fuselage of 4 MD-80 with Aircapital/Aserca Aviation (3 being finished). Moreover, the world’s sole midair company, ORBIS MD-10 Ophthalmology, also has its planes comprehensively renovated in PART. B737-500, private plane for the president of Chile has left the maintenance base of the company. The company went through comprehensive C-check, VIP renovation of internal decoration and refitting in PART. B737-500 private lane for president of Peru has been finished in PART. The plane went through C-check, renovation and internal decoration and cabin transformation by adding new recreation and satellite communication system and re-painting of the airplane. In the meantime, B737-800 of a Chinese aerospace company is going through refitting on electronic devices in PART. 

  With its gradual extension of business in foreign countries, its relationship with Boeing will be intensified, which would drastically boost its clout in America and in the world as a whole. It also paves the road for its access to the Chinese aviation industry.

ARC: domestic chapter

Aerospace industry project (China Company) is settled in Tianjin Airplane Port and leads brand new business development model in the international aviation world

Aerospace industry project (China Company) is settled in Tianjin Airplane Port and leads brand new business development model in the international aviation world

  On September, 16, Song Shide, president of the group, David Green, president of PART, Xu Hongyan, executive director and many famous experts in American aerospace circle, were invited by Tianjin Airplane Port economic District Management Committee to visit and observe Tianjin Airplane Harbor Economic Zone. During the period, Feng Zhijiang, director of Tianjin Bonded Port and Airplane Port Economy Zone Management Committee, as well as all leaders held lectures and exchanges by centering upon investment on airplane MRO, airplane rental and other projects as well as governmental-support demands. Airplane Port Management Committee made a distinct statement that it would warmly welcome it that our project can get settled in their local place and showed high approval on business development model our company proposed. It showed that it would provide comprehensive privilege policies and outstanding services from multiple aspects namely customhouse, tax, project capital subsidiary, project land, airplane warehouse and so forth. 

  By the end of October, the company had dispatched preliminary preparation work group to get settled in Tianjin Airplane Port Economy Zone. It has accomplished a mature business planning, airplane hanger planning and designing plan, plan on establishment schedule and draft for cooperative treaty. It was officially registered and established prior to October, 30. In terms of business, it has carried out initial-period cooperation and negotiation with such large-scaled state-run and listed companies as Hainan Airline, Bohai Rent, Yangtze River Rent, Tianjin Haite and so forth and has obtained vigorous progress. In October, our company signed an official cooperative protocol with Yangtze River Rent Company, marking a sound beginning for the company to successfully get a foothold in China. 

  With its establishment, the company will build a team of famous experts in the international aviation circle. It will inject its over 150 years of experience on the industry and the management into its Chinese company. In the meantime, hundreds of senior technicians for airplane maintenance in China will provide guarantee for settlement of Chinese companies. The company will be equipped with internationally leading capacity for STC certification, maintenance and refitting. With its brand new business development model, it will largely bring down investment risks and validly seize upon the first marketing opportunities. It will provide multiple aspects of relevant businesses on airplane maintenance, upkeep, detection, refitting, rental, airplane management, airplane residue assessment and so forth. It is forecasted that the launching capital will reach 300 million USD and it will officially put into operation in three years.